Band of Skulls unknown album

The fabulous british Band of Skulls was formally known as Fleeing New York  has gained success with their bluesy rock sound and has toured with The Black Keys and have produced two albums which have both been released to a positive reception by critics and fans. The band is a personal favourite so I was shocked to hear about a mini-album that the band released before they changed their name to Band of Skulls called A Ok featuring a striped back version of one of their best songs Hollywood Bowl. 

The album artwork for the bands mini album released in 2004

If you wish to read an early interview from Russell Marsden and Emma Richardson from when they were still using the band name Fleeing New York then head over to–we-could-have-a-rock-opera-if-we-re-not-too-careful?relevant-artist


Holes Charming b-side

The grunge band Hole,  fronted by the controversial Courtney Love  has always had contentious lyrics in their songs, and their first b-side Phonebill Song  is no different. This song featured on Holes  first ever single Retard Girl and has a strong punk rock sound which was swapped for grunge in their later works. The single was released in 1990 where the guitarist Eric Erlandson  was going through an experimental phase with guitar distortion and Love  was defining her unique vocal abilities

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Radiohead demos

A  number of demos made by Radiohead back in 1986 have been leaked on the internet back in 2012. The band recorded the demos back when they were still called On a Friday. The first song Fragile Friend is raw and is blatently infuenced by bands such as The Smiths and R.E.M.

The second song, titled Everybody Lies Through Their Teeth is more upbeat and fun

For more demo tracks please follow this link:

Kurt Cobain before Nirvana

Kurt Cobain  first approached Krist Novoselic (later the bassist and co-founder of Nirvana) about starting a band when they both attended the same high school in Washington. Kurt gave Krist a demo titled Illiteracy will prevail  from his project Fecal Matter in an attempt to convince Krist to form a band with him. This is one of the songs from the demo

The grungy sound that Nirvana is usually hailed as the creators of is present here in an even more raw and gritty form. It is surprising that it took Krist three years to finally agree to form a band with Kurt!

Kurt Cobain when he was younger

An acoustic version of Killing in the Name of?

Before Biffy Clyro gained global success with the release of their album Only RevolutionsThey performed a cover of Rage against the Machine‘s ‘Killing in the Name of.’ What differentiates this cover from the rest is the intimate, acoustic sound that the band create to make the song sound like their own.

This cover was first heard in 2008 and the band performed it at Reading festival in 2008 when they performed on the BBC introducing stage which went down well with the audience, who began singing along by the end of the song. 


Jack Whites first companion

The Upholsterers

Jack and Brian of The Upholsterers

Before Alison Mosshart, Brendan Benson and even before Meg White, there was Brian Muldoon. Muldoon was a part of the short lived band The Upholsterers with Jack White which only created three songs. Here is one of them which is a Willie Dixon cover of  I Ain’t Superstitious

The songs appear on the White Stripes album The Legendary Lost Tapes which also features early covers done by Whites most successful band The White StripesThese early songs demonstrates the rawness Jack White possessed which is no longer evident in his more recent projects

Karen O doing it solo

Recently, there has been a lot of hype surrounding the Yeah Yeah Yeahs  as the release date for their newest album Mosquito  lingers closer. Several years before the success that this band has gained however, there was an album titled ‘KO at home’ which consisted of 14 acoustic tracks created by Karen O which was leaked on the internet. There was only one copy made which the lead singer had created for her friend Dave Sitek, who is the guitarist in the experimental rock band TV on the Radio. Here is the sixth track of the album titled “Pumpkins”

If you wish to find out more about the Yeah Yeah Yeahs new album then follow this link:

Plug in Baby – 1997 Demo

With 6 studio albums and a whopping 37 awards under their belt (including a grammy and 9 NME awards) It is evident that Muse have propelled themselves into global stardom. Their unique rock sound and the pitch perfect vocals of Matt Bellamy has resulted in their music becoming instantly recognizable amongst music lovers and created a large group of committed fans. I was therefore extremely shocked when I came across this demo of one of their biggest hits ‘Plug in Baby’

Although the song is almost unrecognizable and the lyrics differ greatly from the version that was released on their Origins of Symmetry album, I find myself growing to like this version the more I listen to it. Even though Matt sings somewhat out of tune in places, he still manages to showcase his unparalled voice and the guitar riffs are still extremely catchy.